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BIG 2013

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BIG 2013

During the years we gained a lot of experience working with world class specialists and with talented, motivated and enthusiastic young people making perfect mixture for great achievements. The most exposed our project is international student sport tournament Belgrade International Games – BIG which is organizing traditionally every year in October.

Project Belgrade International Games – BIG
International student sport and knowlegde tournament

Project Belgrade International Games (BIG) was born in 2005 when the group of students from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences from the University of Belgrade came up with an idea to establish an international sport competition event for students. The main goal of this Project is to gather students from all over the world in Belgrade, capital of Serbia. The aim we are striving to is to introduce our country, make new friendships and establish possible business contacts, among all participants. At the same time, we want to establish BIG as an event that will grow every year through introduction of new disciplines, competitions and events.

First Belgrade International Games – BIG 2006 gathered over 500 participants, around 200 international guests, who spent 6 days enjoying Belgrade and beauties of Serbia, in a friendly and motivating atmosphere. We organized four sports competitions and few amazing parties, made many new friendships and had many satisfied participants who were ready to spread a good word on our newly – born event to their colleagues.

BIG 2007 was host to 400 Serbian and over 350 international students from 12 different countries. We introduced water polo, rugby and cheerleading as new sport disciplines as well as knowledge-based competitions in debate and business case study. Knowledge competitions became very important part of BIG, as we want to develop not just in sport but also in educational sector. Parties, sightseeing, great opening and closing ceremonies at the most exclusive Belgrade places were integral segment of BIG 2007 and a new motive to continue to develop BIG.

BIG 2008 gathered 450 international guests and more than 450 Serbian students. Exceeding the number of sport activities and terms of number of teams in each category, as well as introducing squash competition as a new discipline helped us make BIG 2008 the biggest event so far. Besides the number of participants we reached another record with almost 100 actively participating volunteers, who according to our guest’s opinion represented the most valuable strength of our event.

In 2009, entire world was facing the strong economic crisis which had influence onBIG 2009 as well. We were still determined to keep the continuity of our event, because the most important aim of project is to become the traditional competition. Despite the lack of finance which had direct consequences on the number of participants and all problems, fortunately, we succeeded in gathering 350 international students from 16 countries and set the new record in the number of Serbian students, over 500 of them.

BIG 2010 was the 5th anniversary of our event, which was another motivating element for all of us to continue improving our event by setting new records in all aspects of the project. We did not succeed in gathering over 500 international students what was one of our aims for BIG 2010, but we succeeded in offering more sport disciplines, introducing female categories and involving international volunteers and referees.

BIG 2011 were the biggest games so far with almost 1000 students, who participated in eight sport disciplines in male and female categories (basketball, futsal, volleyball, handball, waterpolo, rugby, squash and cheerleading) and two knowledge-based competitions (Business case study and Debate). Matches were organized in best sport venues in our city and ceremonies were also at very high level clubs.

During 2012, our event entered the family of Panathlon student tournaments, which was significant step positioning our event on the global list of the best organized students events. Beside successful organization of BIG 2012, we also successfully organized XIV Panathlon Games gathering greatest students sport teams from all over the world.

Plan for 8th edition of BIG is to continue growing, and make games better in all segments of organization!

The major objective of this year’s event, beside our global targets to present Belgrade and our country, to offer warm welcome and hospitality to all participants and to create new freindship among all participants, is to expend number of participating countries to 20 and to introduce some new sport disciplines in both categories.

Your presence at BIG 2013 either like contestant, friend of event, volunteer, supporter or donator would help us to greaten this happening or continue to traditionally organize one of the biggest student event in Europe!!!

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